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Our Team

George Cheng Photo.jpg

George Cheng

Co-Founder - Biotechnology

George is an avid researcher and philanthropist---especially within his community. He hopes that STEMable will be the gateway to resources for children and teenagers alike by providing mentorship and resources to those that cannot afford it.


Sameer Khan

Co-Founder - Computer Science

Sameer had his eye on STEM from the start. He loved video games which inspired him to create his own. Since then, he has been fascinated by thee STEM field and aimed to make it accessible to everyone. Through STEMable, he aspires to leave a lasting impact in the industry.

om image.png

Om Desai


Hello! My name is Om Desai and I am from Cary, NC. I am deeply passionate about the STEM field and aspire to pursue a career in the medical field. I hope to integrate the use of technology and computer science with medicine to made a difference in the world. Through STEMable, I aim to empower the youth of our future.


Alana Daily


Alana Daily is very passionate about giving minorities equal opportunities to STEM education. She is a chemistry and math tutor, and is hoping to puruse something int he engineering field. Through STEMable, she hopes to motivate others that may not have the same chances.

William Photo.jpg

William He

Artificial Intelligence

Growing up I always liked the concept of artificial intelligence, the ability for machines to evolve and be integrated into human society, through STEMable I hope to advance the Stem field and allow students everywhere to access this field.


Mehdi Hussain

Computer Science

Mehdi is a passionate student and programmer from the RTP Triangle Area. He’s had experience with using his computer science and other STEM skills to help his local community and others around the world. He aspires to be able to spread his knowledge and enthusiasm for learning through STEMable.

Fernando Mendoza-Flores


I am Fernando. As a Latino, I have grown up with academics being on of my top priorities in life. I believe STEMable can help me achieve my goals in math and science. I hope STEMable can help many others like me who cannot afford or reach the same materials and academic support as I have.


Alice Cheng


Alice is a dedicated student and loves computer science and math. She is excited to be a part of STEMable and expand access to STEM education. She hopes anyone who wants to can have an opportunity to discover how STEM can fit into their lives


Tanav Kalidindi


Tanav Kalidindi is an engineer and programmer currently working on research projects. He believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity in the STEM field. Through STEMable, he wants to help students go from learning to exploring to a final product.

abhinav image.jpg

Abhinav Meduri

Computational Sciences

Hello there! My name is Abhinav Meduri, and I am primarily interested in computational chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. I joined STEMable because I am extremely passionate about encouraging others' academic journeys. I hope to help students overcome academic challenges and become intellectually curious learners.

Sai Image.jpg

Sai Yadavalli

Chemical Engineering

Sai is a Junior Medical Academy Student Ambassador and an avid Red Cross Youth Volunteer. He is currently apart of the Lemelson-MIT open research lab. He has also won numerous science award in both regional and state spheres. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, play badminton, run, and play video games.


Manya Bhagat

Behavorial Sciences

Hi, I'm Manya and I'm enthusiastic about STEM, specifically in multidisciplinary areas of STEM. I have experience in launching tech-startups and science competitions.

Steven PFP.png

Steven Chen

 Mechanical Engineering

Hello! My name is Steven Chen and I’m from Goldsboro, North Carolina. I have always been very passionate about the STEM field and I love creating and making things that could better the lives of others. I hope that I can work with this passion of creations in the engineering field and make a difference in this world through STEMable, I hope to achieve my dreams

Sesha immage.jpg

Sesha Jonnavithula


Sesha is a hard-working student who has a passion for helping others find their calling in STEM. Having done STEM research projects annually for 5 years, Sesha understands the challenges that come with exploring one’s interest in STEM. He is prepared to help all students discover their passion through his work at STEMable.


Ian Eguiarte-Reyes

Computational Engineering

Hello, I’m Ian! As a Latino, I was fortunate to have been shown stem ever since I was in elementary school, and I hope to pursue stem in the future. I chose to pursue stem as it is an opportunity that not many minorities have the chance to take, and wish that all people can have that.

Ben Image.jpg

Ben Yang

Machine Learning

Hello there! My name is Ben, and I have a interest in multiple STEM categories, ranging from computer science to mathematics. As a Stemable team member, I hope to make STEM immersion more accessible and enjoyable to all.

Khang PFP.jpg

Khang Pham

Civil Engineering

Senior at Northside High School, Jacksonville, NC. Interesting in biomedical engineering and environmental engineering. Has participated in several Science Olympiad events as well as JSHS. Also a Governor School alumni for natural science. Khang is excited to be apart of STEMable.

Matt image.jpg

Matthew Ayala

Web Management

Through his passions in electrical engineering and software development, Matthew Ayala is proud to assist in the growth of quality STEM education through the STEMable project and make many vital resources needed to develop knowledge in STEM fields.


Aryan Kodali

Service and Outreach

Aryan is an avid volunteer and founder of many nonprofit organizations in North Carolina. He hopes to bring STEMable to underprivileged parts of North Carolina as well as many schools he has worked with.


Izaiah Jackson

BOOST @ Duke Representative

Hello, my name is Izaiah and my goal is to go into Mechanical Engineering. Due to amazing parents and decent schools, I have found myself to be successful, however, many bright minds around me have not reached the same heights due to slightly different upbringings. If I can pave the way to success for others, maybe it will seem less scary for everyone else.


John Jahn

Outreach: East Asia

John is a passionate first-generation immigrant who is fortunate enough o be provided a world-class education and wants to share that across the world. He is very interested in bringing STEM-related topics, especially computer science, to kids who are underprivileged with STEMable.


Drishti Mittal

Outreach: India

Hi, I am Drishti as an immigrant to the US, I know I am very fortunate to get this level of education. I fell in love with Biology ever since in middle school and I hope to reach other communities to fall in love with biology, just like me!

Our Mission

Nurture the younger generation to become STEM advocates

Provide resources and tutoring to underresourced communities

Build STEM interest in communities

Provide personalized mentorship to those in need

Spread STEM knowledge upon others through STEMable

Dedicated to keep growing and spread STEMable's ideals for free STEM education

Our Impact

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