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STEMable Research

STEMable Research is a program for middle and high school students (6-12) who have had previous exposure to STEM but needs additional funding or materials to continue their research. STEMable Research also provides tailored support from student-researchers from all areas including: biotechnology, behavioral science, medicine, physics, mathematics, etc. 

Laboratory Scientist

STEMable Research Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Now, some parent information:

STEMable Research is very time consuming. While the true time will be determined and may alter, please provide us a rough time period in which you are free

Please note that if you were to be assigned a mentor, many experiments carried will have to be done outside of meetings as well.

At the end of research, you may also use ALL the information to publish a research report (STEMable will not put any infringements or restrictions). If you choose to write a research paper, STEMable mentors may also help for that, however, for their commitment, they may want to author the paper as well. Further details upon completion of research will be discussed later.

Thanks for submitting!

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